I assisted various photographers for 5 years, 3 of which were with the late, great Terence Donovan (

 From there I have worked in many different fields from celebrity portraits, corporate and commercial photography, lingerie, cars, interiors and finally reportage (in my opinion the fundamental basic discipline which creates the ‘eye’ of any photographer).

 Personal passions. My first love is photography itself.  My natural instinct is the photography of people in any walk of life from art to sport to business. I love the art of interior design and the creativity behind it. I love cars and what makes them interesting to look at and the work that goes into creating them (forget the adrenaline and the fun of driving for now). We all know the feeling we have when we see a car we adore (classic or brand spanking new). There are many other things I love, the natural landscape for example, but the overriding passion is to capture all of it the best way I possibly can.


The pictures on this website have years of learning behind them and are mostly taken for specific commercial clients and I will always listen to a clients needs before adding my passion to the mix. I am comfortable directing a large crowd or individuals so please feel free to contact me if you are looking for personal images for yourself rather than for your company/organization. I mainly cover the London and Midlands areas but I'm happy to discuss any location you have in mind. 

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